Donald Braman Ph.D., J.D.

Don was a Senior Social Scientist with The Lab @ DC. He is currently an Associate Professor of Law at The George Washington Law School and a member of the District of Columbia Criminal Code Reform Commission. Don conducts research on criminal law, trust in government, and science communication. He has conducted several large-scale randomized control studies of public perceptions related to crime, guns, policing, and trust in government. He teaches classes on policing, public safety policy, and criminal law. Prior to working at The Lab, he co-lead the DC Policy Labs Cross-Disciplinary Seminar, connecting researchers with public policy evaluation in the District of Columbia.

In addition to journal articles, book chapters, and commentaries, he is the author of Doing Time on the Outside: Incarceration and Family Life in Urban America.

Don holds a J.D. in law and Ph.D. in anthropology from Yale University and a B.A. from Columbia University. He lives in Ward One with his wife, Kitty, their two sons, Gabe and Liam, and approximately 300 ladybugs. They enjoy trying to keep the plants in their garden alive.

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