Jack Crum MS

Jack Crum is a Data Scientist at the Lab @ DC, joining in April 2022. A new member to the team, he is excited to apply his data science background to bringing new insights and solutions to District programs and improve the lives of District residents.

Prior to joining the Lab, Jack was a Pricing Analyst at GEICO in Chevy Chase, MD. In this role, he was primarily responsible for building predictive models and developing rating factors for new rating products released nationwide. During his time with GEICO, Jack worked on a variety of projects, including analyzing and removing weather impact from losses, developing loss predictions with the new generation of vehicles, and identifying and addressing potential socio-economic bias in the rating models.

Jack received his M.S. in Data Science from George Washington University and B.A. in History from the College of William and Mary. A DC area native and current resident of Ward 1, he enjoys visiting the DC sites he’s known since childhood while also discovering places he does not yet know. In his free time, Jack is an avid cook and baker of all cuisines, soccer player (goalie if you need a sub), major history buff, self-proclaimed Jeopardy master, and a new acrylic painter.

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