We are always looking for civically minded people with a passion for science to work in District government.

The Lab @ DC has a number of avenues by which people can join the team whether part-time or full-time, temporary or permanent, and at a variety of professional levels.

Staff Positions
From time to time, The Lab looks for Operations Analysts, Data Scientists, and Social Scientists to join our team at both the staff and senior staff levels. Look for and apply for positions via DC Human Resources.

Personnel Exchanges
University-based academics can join The Lab in part-time and full-time capacities during sabbaticals or their research hours. It’s an excellent opportunity for a wide variety of disciplines to gain experience in applied research.

DC Government Agency Fellowships
The Lab is dedicated to fostering a scientific community by engaging and collaborating with experts not just here in the Office of the City Administrator, but across District agencies. A number of staff based at other DC agencies (e.g. the Metropolitan Police Department, the Office of the Chief Technology Officer, and the Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice) serve as Lab Fellows. Fellows work closely with The Lab on cutting-edge projects in support of their agency’s agenda. At this time we are not accepting new Fellows to join the team.

Research Assistants
Through partnerships with American University and the University of the District of Columbia, The Lab @ DC hosts graduate-level research assistants each semester of the academic year for part-time work. Interested AU and UDC students should connect with their university Dean. Not at AU or UDC? The Lab is always looking to build partnerships with other DC universities.

You have deep knowledge of a social science field as well as technical expertise related to experimental design and analyses. You’re passionate about developing insights from the research literature into policy and program designs that improve lives; generating new ideas, theories, and products based on empirical tests that determine what works best; and, in general, always pushing to use what we know about people and societies to improve the world. You want to be a leader in defining what it means for government to run on experiments.

Social Scientist

Data Scientist

You can use your expertise in machine learning and causal inference to make a positive, lasting difference for DC residents. Working within the Executive Office of the Mayor of the District of Columbia, you will use insights from large administrative datasets to affect a variety of policy decisions in areas like public safety, economic security, housing and homelessness, public health, and education. The Lab has the relationships and access to data in each of these policy areas to support this important work. Your contributions will directly inform decisions at the highest levels of DC government and allow you to see your impact on DC residents.

In short, you’ll do rigorous data science that makes a difference for those that need it most.

You have the agility, proactive disposition, and aplomb to transform ideas into well-implemented realities. You’re passionate about designing organizations, systems, and workplans that deliver results; pressing relentlessly for opportunities to work more effectively and efficiently; and, in general, always pushing to execute more intelligently. You want to be a leader in defining what it means for government to run as a high-performing organization.

Operations Analyst