Katie Gan Ph.D.

Katie is Deputy Director in The Lab @ DC. She ensures The Lab team partners with agencies to develop evidence-based policies and programs for the District and to help agencies learn what works by applying evidence to their work and by developing and implementing projects to generate rigorous evidence they can learn from.

Katie was the first full-time Senior Social Scientist hired by The Lab. Prior to joining The Lab in 2017, Katie worked at in the private sector conducting research for the Federal government in the areas of job training, education, and youth development. She also helped others build evaluation capacity by providing guidance and tools for designing, implementing, and reporting on rigorous evaluations to researchers for over 150 innovative or evidence-based interventions.

At the core of all of Katie’s work -then and now- is serving the public through collaborating with government, nonprofit, for-profit, and academic partners to design and implement evaluations, and then transforming research insights into actionable policy and program interventions.

Katie earned a B.A. in economics and sociology from Trinity University and a Ph.D. in social policy and sociology from Harvard University. A Ward 2 resident, Katie can often be found with her husband and dog searching for their next good meal with friends.

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