Vivi Besteman

Vivi is a Research Assistant at The Lab @ DC and an undergraduate student in American University’s School of Public Affairs. Vivi will be graduating in May of 2019 with a BA in the interdisciplinary studies of communications, legal institutions, economics, and government as well as a minor in finance. Vivi works on various projects at The Lab to aid in advancing evidence-based practices and policies. Her research interests include education, community engagement, and economic development.

Aside from her studies and work at The Lab, Vivi is a swim coach with the Nation’s Capital Aquatics Program where she spends three days each week teaching children ages 3-8 the fundamentals of swimming. Vivi is a long time pianist and uses her free time to explore the many wonderful museums and art galleries DC has to offer. She is an avid lover of a good cup of coffee and hopes to one day perfect latte art.

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